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Some Bernie Sanders supporters not ready to back Hillary Clinton

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Philadelphia, PA -

With pro-Bernie Sanders chants outside the Democratic National Convention, Murray State University senior and Sanders supporter Zach Smith found himself in the middle of the action in Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon.

"We feel it was rigged against him, and it goes against the way democracy is," Smith told Local 6 by phone. 

Because of that, Smith said he would not vote for Hillary Clinton. "There might have been time when I would have considered voting for Hillary Clinton, but since the email scandal and the WikiLeaks," Smith said.

Janice Thomasson is a pledged Sanders delegate. "In my lifetime of almost 70 years, he's the most honest, decent, straightforward person," Thomasson said in a Facebook video. 

Thomasson was a Clinton supporter eight years ago, but questions her trustworthiness now. She said she's not in the never Hillary camp, but prefers someone else. "I don't think the heart and core of the Hillary I voted for in 2008 is really the Hillary America needs," she told Local 6.

It's a tough sell for two Sanders supporters who may now vote for a third party candidate. "I don't think my vote should be segregated between the two just because it's Republican or Democrat," Smith said. 

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