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Local prayer service focused on country's future

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Unified in their message, Eddyville United Methodist Church Pastor Jack Larwa led a prayer gathering with leaders from other churches in the area Thursday night focused on police and politics. 

"Anytime we as pastors and we as Christians see people hurting, it's a basic response to go to God in prayer," said Pastor Larwa.

He said the recent police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge gave him the idea to take his faith beyond his church. "We can pray in such a way that we hope that God hears us and does something to heal," he told Local 6.

Sharon Williams is praying for that healing. "Our county is in very desperate need," she explained. She attended the prayer service not only for Lyon County, but also for her country including those who serve and die to protect us.

"You think about that too, you know, when something like that happens," she said. 

Also, during this heated political season, Williams said your prayers are needed now more than ever.  "I think we need to be as one, not as individuals as we are, and we need to pull together and pray together," Williams said. 

They are leaning on each other, but more importantly, leaning on their faith to focus on what really matters.

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