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Elizabethtown man charged with burglarizing fire department

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Henry Shuford Henry Shuford

A Elizabethtown, Kentucky man was arrested and charged with burglarizing a fire department.

On July 20, Lowes Fire Department Chief Steve Elliot reported to the Graves County Sheriff's Office that the fire department had been burglarized.

Chief Elliot said that several items totaling over $10,000 were stolen.

The next day, the sheriff's office says they got an anonymous tip that 33-year-old Henry Shuford was bragging about burglarizing the Lowes Fire Department.

The Graves County Sheriff's Office informed the Elizabethtown Police Department who contacted Shuford. He gave officers permission to search his home.

During the search, several of the stolen items from the fire department were found in the home.

Shuford was arrested by the Elizabethtown Police Department on a Graves County warrant charging him with burglary in the 2nd degree.

An investigation is still ongoing due to reports of other fire departments that have been burglarized in Kentucky as well as other states.

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