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I Am Local Six: Detective retired after 21 years

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Detective John Tolliver is stepping down after 21 years of cleaning up Paducah’s streets.

As a prescription drug aversion investigator, he’s seen a lot of addiction over the years. You’ve probably seen him at the Kentucky Oaks Mall hosting a pill drop-off event to prevent drug abuse. “Over time that wears on you a lot. The stress level is immense,” he said. However, keeping unused prescriptions or illegal ones off the street is an obsession to him “I am constantly thinking what I could do tomorrow, how I could have handled this case differently.”

Ten years of Detective Tolliver's career have been fighting against prescription drug abuse. His biggest advice for you and your family is to throw out unused prescription medication.

His plan is to, Carry on with the next chapter, whatever that may be. At the same time closing this one as the minutes tick by and I know I'm about to walk out of here,” he added.

He hopes that his legacy will just be improvement in his community. “Maybe I changed their life. They're sober. They've now got their kids back. They've got a job. They've got two jobs. They're going to school.”

Paducah Police say Captain Wes Kimbler also retired on 

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