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Crittenden County estimates $2 million in storm damage

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We're learning more about damage caused by flooding in July. Kentucky Emergency Management believes the cost of the damage will meet or exceed the $6.2 million threshold required for federal funding.

More than 20 counties, including 11 in our area, are asking for federal aid to help repair the damage from the storms. Crittenden County Judge Executive Perry Newcom estimates the damage could cost the county more than $2 million.

Ronnie Jenkins keeps a close eye on a bridge down the street from his home to make sure people obey signs there. "I know what can happen there, and eventually it will if people keep disobeying the signs," Jenkins said.

The support underneath the bridge was washed away in recent floods.

"If it caves in at the right time, some unsuspected people will come down here, and it will fall in," Jenkins said.

Newcom said damages like this are adding up.

"Some of the most damaged areas we're going to have to go ahead and fix," Newcom said.

Only a month into the fiscal year, the county has spent $100,000 on temporary repairs.

"We're a small rural county and limited funds, limited resources," Newcom said.

It's going to take both of those to fix bridges and culverts washed out from roads and clean up debris.

With the state expected to meet the threshold required for federal aid, Newcom is hopeful some of that funding goes to Crittenden County.

Jenkins said he doesn't think his watch over the bridge will last too long.

"They gonna' get it done," Jenkins said.

Federal Emergency Management will be in Crittenden County on Wednesday to assess the damages. It will be visiting all the counties.

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