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Families battle two floods in one month

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Christy Prince has lived in the Calvert City Apartments for almost three years. When it rains, she expects it to flood a little.

When heavy rains hit Calvert City in early July, Prince got an unpleasant surprise.

"I kept hearing a waterfall in the kitchen," says Prince. "I came downstairs, and it was just gushing."

The water seeped into her home and ruined nearly everything on the first floor.

"It's expensive," says Prince. "With school starting up, how am I suppose to come up with enough money to have furniture."

Prince and her three kids had to evacuate the apartment. The boys stayed with their grandma while Prince and her 3 year old stayed at a hotel.

The apartment complex paid to replace the floors and walls. When that was complete, Prince's family moved back into their home.

"I was just so looking forward to having my family back together," says Prince.

Not even a month after the first flood, the apartments got hit again, and Prince found herself cleaning up a second time.

Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones says flooding has been an issue in that area for years.

"It's going to take a little while to get this project completed and get the work done, but it's a priority," says Jones.

Jones says the city is looking into different ways to make the water flow away from the apartments. He's hoping to have the problem resolved by next summer.

Until then, Prince says she's preparing for another flood.

The maintenance manager at Calvert City Apartments says they're about to begin a $1 million remodeling project that includes plans to build a floodwall.

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