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Back to school: Run the sign, pay a fine

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School hasn't started yet, but 5-year-old Kasen Whybark is all packed and ready to go. This year he starts kindergarten, which means he will finally get to ride on a big yellow school bus.

Karen Cuff is a driver for Marshall County, Kentucky, schools. It's her job to make sure kids, like Kasen, get to school and back safely.

"Keeping those children safe getting on and off the buses," says Cuff. "It's a lot to watch."

Cuff can't do it alone. She and other bus drivers need you to pay attention behind the wheel.

"That could be your child or your grandchild on there," says Cuff.

When you see flashing yellow or amber lights, the bus is getting ready to spot, and that's your cue to slow down.

When the driver opens the doors, a red flashing stop sign swings out, and you must stop.

Marshall County Schools Director of Transportation Danny Davis says if you don't obey those laws, you will pay a fine.

"It's a child's life, and we do everything we can to protect that life," says Davis.

Before your child leaves for school, make sure they have everything zipped away in their backpack so they don't drop anything. Have them leave for the bus at least five minutes early, and where they wait is extremely important. The Kentucky Department of Education says your child's bus stop should be at least 10 feet away from the street. While they're waiting, make sure your child isn't wearing any ear buds or headphones so they can listen for the bus and any other traffic.

As for Kasen, he's counting the days until he finally gets to ride the big yellow bus to school.

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