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Health departments take measures to eliminate threat of Zika

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Darla Thompson takes pride in her Lyon County garden, but says the mosquitoes are keeping her away.

"We can't come outside and garden. We can't tend to our animals," Thompson told Local 6.

She believes it is so bad there really is not a good time for any outdoor activities. "We're just having a hard time in the evening, middle of the day, morning.  It's just constant," she said. 

Mosquitoes thrive in the heat, and with the warm weather we've experienced, Thompson said it is hard to fend them off even with spray. "It doesn't really seem to help," she said. 

Mosquitoes can breed in containers as small as a bottle cap. They are also attracted to standing water, and local health department workers are warning many more families about the risks. 

"We want our county to be safe from mosquitoes," said Pennyrile District Health Department Environmentalist Elisa Kite.

She said her department is taking as many as 15 calls a day from homeowners. She is advising families:

  • Clean and scrub bird baths
  • Clear the gutters so water can run freely
  • Cut back shrubs and tall grass
  • Throw out anything that could collect water like old tires.

Thompson is even handing out repellent to expectant mothers. "We give some of our prenatals bug spray, and we give them a card about the Zika virus and how to prevent it," she said. 

Thompson added her name to the list of places the state plans to spray, but right now she's concerned about her grandchildren, who often want to play outside. "It's just impossible, and my granddaughter just got several bites on her," Thompson said. 

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