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Back to School: School year starts for some students

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For many of you, Thursday was your first time dropping off your child at school or putting them on a bus in a while. Several school districts went back to class today.

Students at Heath Elementary School in McCracken County got a welcome they’ll never forget. It included balloons, gold medals, music, and a red carpet in front of the school’s entrance.

This is Rachel Dodson’s 22nd time welcoming students back. She’s a second grade teacher this year. “I've seen a lot," she says. "I've seen a lot of parents, I've seen a lot of kids, and I am passionate about Health Elementary school.”

Dodson isn’t the only person who's passionate about HES. Gary Elrod is a stay-at-home dad and on of many parents who dropped off kids Thursday. He says it makes him want to cry to see his daughter, a fifth grader, go back, but says she is in good hands. “I always rely back on knowing that the teachers here are so good, and it helps me," he says. 

Principal Laine Cooper is excited to start a new school year, and he decided to start the new year off right. “We want kids to make sure that even though they have to come back to school, that we want them to come back to school.”

Within minutes of after the pledge of allegiance, Dodson started getting to know her students and getting them used to her energetic teaching style. The first day, she says, isn’t just exciting to the student. “I think every year that's the great thing about our job. We get all of these new little ones to teach and inspire throughout the year.”

One change to the school, the principal says, is that no students will pay for breakfast or lunch this year because of a grant. 

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