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Despite Illinois law changes, some doctors' may not prescribe medical marijuana

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Despite changes to Illinois' medical marijuana program, your doctor may not sign off on you using it.

Changes approved by lawmakers last month allow doctors to simply verify their patient has a qualifying condition instead of recommending it. But one of southern Illinois' largest medical groups, Southern Illinois Healthcare, says it won't be signing off on marijuana for patients any time soon.

In a statement, a spokesperson for SIH says: "The changes do not address any of the concerns from a federal perspective. With that said, we have no changes in our approach to medical cannabis at this time."

A spokesperson with the VA in Marion also responded: "As marijuana is still a federal offense, the VA is unable to provide use of illegal substances, regardless of state laws. However, patients who participate in a non-VA marijuana program will not be denied access to care for VA clinical programs."

The state's pilot program was recently expanded. It now includes terminal illnesses and post traumatic stress disorder as qualifying conditions.

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