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Fancy Farm Picnic regulars hoping for softer tone

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At the annual Fancy Farm Picnic, there are a lot of opinions and Ruby Ziegler is not shy about sharing hers.

"Our beliefs and morality is being downgraded and eroding," she told Local 6.

The picnic regular and Fancy Farm native is accustomed to hearing the one-liners, but said she is second guessing where this country is headed because of the two candidates nominated at the top.  "It's me, me, me.  They are not connected to the rest of the country," Ziegler said. 

This year, she is not interested in the shouting-matches, but wants to hear a different, softer tone.  "Set aside their republican and democratic views for the betterment of the country," she said. 

It's a view shared by Korean War veteran Jim Hancock.  "We can get along but we're going to have to work on it to be able to do it," Hancock told Local 6. 

He said he does not prefer one specific party, but wishes the 2016 election wouldn't be about who's running but the issues the candidates stand for.  "I vote primarily, myself, for the candidate that I think could do the best for our country," Hancock said. 

During a time when most people identify with being red or blue, Ziegler said the current political divide could prevent the country from turning purple.

"It's not just my kind of country I want," she said. 

Political speeches begin at 2pm Saturday. 

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