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Heckling vs. issues at Fancy Farm picnic

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The Fancy Farm picnic provides an opportunity for politicians to make their case for your vote, but the event is also know for its heckling.

This year's Fancy Farm was not so typical weather-wise. People took cover from the rain instead of the heat to listen in on politicians like Governor Matt Bevin.

Bevin and U.S. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell both called out Alison Lundergan Grimes for not being at this year's Fancy Farm and the crowd got pretty rowdy during McConnell's speech.

First time Fancy Farm visitor Eula Goetz said the roasting riled her up but she wish she heard more about the issues. "They need to cover a lot more of what like, what they can do for Kentucky," said Goetz.

Eric Lyles came from Bowling Green and thought the heckling and issues were just right. "You know I kind of like it, they going back and forth at each other. Watching both of the conventions it seemed to have that kind of atmosphere," said Lyles.

In the U.S. Senate race, Goetz though candidate Jim Gray had a balanced speech. "Because he really hit on the issues and not all that mud slinging stuff. That's what most people are interested in. Are you going to make things better?," said Goetz.

While Lyles thought Rand Paul did a better job speaking on the issues. "Jim Gray, basically his argument was I've been in Kentucky longer than you and that doesn't really do anything for me," said Lyles.

However, both agreed that Fancy Farm is a fun political tradition.

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