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Experts advise how to kill ants on a budget

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Little Sierra is playing her new favorite game, she calls it Ant Smasher. This isn't the one you can download from the app store.

Sierra's mom, Crystal Ward, says ants are taking over their home in Paducah.

"We've been invaded by ants," says Ward.

Ward says she's found them in her bed, on the floors, crawling up the walls and in her purse.

"Nothing seems to help to get rid of these things, and they're just everywhere," says Ward.

Experts at McCracken County Cooperative extension office say families are seeing more ants this year than ever before, and rainy weather could be making the problem worse. Ants hunt for sugar sources above and below ground, but when the soil is too wet, like it is right now, they look for food in other places like inside your home.

The extension office says spraying the ants won't solve the entire problem. If you want to get rid of all of them, you have to first kill the queen and destroy the colony. They say the best way to do that on a budget is by setting up ant bait around your home.

As worker ants search for food, they're drawn to the sweet stuff inside the pods, bringing it back to their nest to share with other. Little do they know this new food source is slowly killing them.

Once the soil dries out, the extension office says a lot of the ants will go back into the ground to nest and search for food.

Unfortunately for Sierra, she'll have to find a new game once all the ants are gone.

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