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Parent outraged about class bathroom policy

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Dawn Garman says her jaw dropped when her fourth grader came home with what are called "potty passes" from Lone Oak Intermediate School.

"I just couldn't believe it," says Garman. "I was in total shock."

Garman is not upset about the passes themselves. She's upset about what it says:

You will receive five potty passes for each quarter... Once you are out of passes, you will not be able to leave for the restroom during class time... At the end of nine weeks, unused potty passes may be redeemed for treats.

"I don't want my daughter to be embarrassed in school," says Garman. "I don't want her thinking 'If I hold it, I'm going to get a treat.'"

Garman has two other kids and says they've never come home with something like this.

"To me, it's absurd," says Garman. "Hopefully the school will have an explanation."

Principal Marc Mavigliano says the students Lone Oak Intermediate School have seven or more chances to use the bathroom during the day. He says some students in the past were abusing their privileges, which is why some teachers came up with the potty passes.

Mavigliano says he didn't read the passes before they were given out to students. He says after hearing the concerns, the school is going to reword the policy because they would never deny a child a chance to go to the bathroom.

Local Pediatrician Dr. Cynthia Bowman-Stroud says if you're child holds it in, they're risking a bladder or urinary tract infection. She says if it's not treated, it can lead to a more serious kidney infection.

Garman says she just wants the situation resolved.

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