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New executive order consolidates three Kentucky state boards into one

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has consolidated three boards into one.

This week Bevin entered an executive order that abolishes the Kentucky Board of Claims, Board of Tax Appeals, and Crime Victims Compensation Board. All three board will now be under the newly created Kentucky Claims Commission.

Bevin says the consolidation streamlines state government and will save $350,000 annually.

“Consolidating these agencies will reduce costs and make funds available to reduce a $2 million backlog of payments to crime victims and to healthcare providers who conduct sexual assault examinations. Rather than pay excessive salaries to board members, this money will be used to compensate victims. It’s an easy and prudent decision that will benefit Kentuckians," said Bevin.

The Executive Order reduces the collective number of board members from eight to three, one of whom must be a crime victim, crime victim advocate or a family member of a crime victim. All members will be appointed by the governor and must be confirmed by the Senate. 

The new commission will take effect on October 1 and will be reviewed by the General Assembly during its 2017 session.

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