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Two percent food tax hike to come to Carbondale

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You'll soon pay a little bit more when you eat out in Carbondale.

The Carbondale City Council unanimously approved a 2 percent sales tax on prepared foods. This includes the food and beverages you pick up in the drive through and order at restaurants. But the council voted to expand the prepared food tax to include the pre-made foods at gas stations and grocery stores.

This 2 percent tax is lower than the 4 percent tax the council originally passed. Mayor Mike Henry says the council voted to lower the amount based on concerns from community restaurants about the damage a new tax could do to business.

Henry says the money raised from the prepared food tax will go to pay for police and fire pensions as well as fund needed improvements to the downtown.

The 2 percent prepared foods tax will go in to effect Jan. 1, 2017.

The council says they plan to arrange an open forum meeting for people in the community to talk about the new tax and raise concerns or questions to council.

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