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A look at how some teachers use Facebook

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Many school systems have a rule that teachers cannot be friends on Facebook with their students. It's a good policy and probably a good idea for teachers not to accept parents' friend requests. 

That doesn't mean Facebook should be off­ limits for teachers, parents and students. Here's how to do it.

Teachers should create their own Facebook page. People who like the page will see only what is posted there, not the teachers' personal life.

One teacher has a great Facebook page. He invited his students and parents to like his page and he only posts things about his classes, such as announcements of upcoming tests, math questions, and asking parents to chaperone field trips.
The teacher states on the page he will not accept friend requests from students. And, if a student posts an un­wanted comment, they'll be banned from the page, and it'll be dealt with at school.

Here's how to set up a page for your class:

Find any page on Facebook, and click on create a page. I suggest using only the teacher's last name. The page is simple to update, easy for the most tech challenged teacher.

And parents and students who like the page will see the update when they sign in their Facebook accounts.

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