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Paducah police issue statement on Graves County grand jury decision

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The Paducah Police Department has issued a statement about a Graves County Grand Jury's decision to take no action against three Paducah officers. 

We told you Thursday night about the grand jury's decision regarding a January incident in which bullet's hit a Graves County man's home. The bullets were later found to have come from Paducah police rifles by the Kentucky State Police Crime Lab.  

According to Commonwealth Attorney David Hargrove, the grand jury on Aug. 11 found the incident did not rise to the level of criminal action. 

In a statement sent Friday, Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill said the following:

We are glad the grand jury recognized that this incident was strictly an accident and that our officers intended no harm or damage.

We supported our officers through this process, and had faith that the court process would confirm our assessment. Wednesday’s court ruling has now cleared the way for us to resume our conversation with the aggrieved parties

Since the day this incident happened and I met with those individuals, sitting at their kitchen table, we have consistently said that if in fact those rounds were ours, we would make it right and we still intend to do so.

The Paducah Police Department says this is the only statement it will issue about the incident. 

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