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Police warn of social media risks during safety seminar

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In the age of social media, Ben Webb knows the risks. That's why he limits what his great grandchildren are exposed to online.

"Let them have fun, but at the same time you've got to put some limits in there," Webb told Local 6.

He was part of a Friday safety seminar put on by Paducah Police at the Marshall County Library. The goal is to make sure the adults are aware of what their children are up to when then log in to chat rooms and Facebook. "Truthfully, I think peer pressure is one of the greatest things out there today," he said. 

The discussion also included a pledge by teens, signing a contract for online safety that they will not give out their personal information or get together with anyone they meet online.

"Crimes like this are typically under reported just because of the stigma," said Paducah Police Acting Captain Justin Crowell.

He said his department has investigated 17 cases of sex crimes against children in the past five years. Crowell said parents must become involved, knowing who their kids are talking to and what they are talking about.

"The ones that become victims are the ones looking for affection or seeking attention online. And then someone gives them attention, and so they respond to that," Crowell told Local 6.

With recent cases of coaches and pastors getting too close to children, Webb said it's even more important with school now back in session that parents pay attention.

Parents can control what their children see on social media.  There are safety locks you can put in place that can be found in the settings sections of most apps.

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