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Paducah leaders approve amendment on liquor by the drink

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A rule change surrounding alcohol sales could impact your next visit to Paducah.

Tuesday, the Paducah City Commission voted to allow some businesses to serve liquor by the drink that weren't previously allowed to.

The city voted to amend Chapter 6, Article II of the Paducah Code of Ordinances to allow distilleries and bed and breakfast businesses to obtain non-quota 3 retail drink licenses. 

That will allow the Silent Brigade Distillery to sell liquor by the drink during business hours, except for on Sundays. The business is excited for the change.

As for another other Paducah distillery, the manager at the Moonshine Company says his business is not interested in selling liquor by the drink. He says it would turn what is a manufacturing center into a bar.

As for bed and breakfasts, a city spokesperson told me before that vote that it would be up to each bed and breakfast to apply for non-quota 3 retail drink licenses.. The business must be licensed by the state and show proof of collection of a transient room taxes. It must also have a manager living on the property or next to it. 

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