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iPad Pro vs. Macbook for college computing

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Anyone who uses a laptop at work and carries it around all day may have asked themselves: Is it possible to just use ipad for work? Is it powerful enough? To find out, i took it to a college campus.

"It's just like a tiny little Macbook", Charlyn Ursell says. She is talking about an iPad Pro, connected to a bluetooth keyboard from Zagg.

"This isn't bad. I Even have big hands,” Ursell says.

The keyboard, which comes in this slim version as well as a rugged version for toting in a backpack, costs around $130. The keyboard is connected with a magnetic slot that can be removed, and it's backlit for late night study sessions. 

The keyboard battery lasts up to 2 years.

"It might be easier to take notes just on this, because it's smaller. It takes up a lot less space." Jason Ziegler says. He carries a laptop to work.

 It feels so much like a Macbook, most people try to use a touchpad.

"I tried not to do that,” Ziegler admits.

Let's compare it to a Macbook laptop. The macbook weighs around 2 pounds. The 9.7 inch iPad is about half that. 

The new iPad costs $900. A 13 inch Macbook starts at $2,000.

If you store most of your work in Evernote, Google Drive or Word, there isn't much you can do on a PC that you can't do on an iPad.

When Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPad Pro, he said it's a PC laptop killer. With one of these keyboards, folks on college campuses believe, it may be a Macbook killer as well.

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