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Educational study finds Kentucky schools lack teacher diversity

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A 20 page report from the Prichard Committee shows just how diversely disproportionate Kentucky classrooms are for teachers and their students. More than 95 percent of teachers are white, and it's a trend Paducah Middle School Assistant Principal Patrick Saddler wants to reverse. 

"I know here at Paducah Middle School, we're trying to change that," Saddler said. 

Saddler said this year the district hired more teachers belonging to minorities. He believes that will improve the student-teacher relationship. "I think we need to have teachers that look like our students in order for them to have success," he said. 

"It's important for all of us to have good role models," said Assistant District Superintendent Will Black.

Black said recruitment programs are in place for minority teachers, including district employees who attend job fairs looking for the best applicants.

"It is our priority to hire excellent teachers of color," Black said. 

Saddler said there is always room for improvement, but he's happy to see more minorities at the head of the class who may inspire the next generation to someday follow in their footsteps. "I didn't have a lot of role models to look up to —teachers that look like me, teachers that act like me, teachers that came from where I came from," Saddler said. 

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