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Police say video camera being installed at busy intersection to cut down on wrecks

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Paducah police say they are going to implement a video camera at a local intersection in an effort to reduce traffic accidents. 

Police say they will put a NetVision 360 camera system at the traffic lights by Panera Bread near Kentucky Oaks Mall in Paducah, and they will use real-time video to catch people who violate traffic laws in that intersection. The light is at the intersection of James Sanders Boulevard and U.S. 60. 

The camera will monitor the westbound left turn light heading onto James Sanders Boulevard, and officers will be able to watch that camera feed from their cruisers. Police say they will then be able to stop vehicles that turn left after the light turns red. 

In installing the light, the police department hopes to "cut down on the number of people running the light and, ultimately, the number of accidents at that intersection," Officer Brian Kopischke says. He says the camera should also help with congestion on the eastbound lanes where traffic is often help up by people running that left turn light. 

Paducah Police Capt. Anthony Copeland says this is not a traffic camera, and no tickets will be sent through the mail. 

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