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Pit bull owner says dogs are not vicious

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The owner of two pit bulls is speaking publicly after prosecutors labeled his dogs vicious.

On July 2, Kentucky State Police say, 23-year-old Mitchell Slayden was attacked by two pit bulls at a home in Farmington. They say Slayden was riding his bicycle to go visit a friend at a home on Dove Road. According to police, Slayden didn't know his friend no longer lived there. When he pulled into the driveway, police say Slayden was confronted by two strange dogs. Slayden says he tried to call 911 with his cell phone, but the dogs attacked him before he could.

It's been more than a month since it happened. Slayden says he's all done with surgery and is feeling much better.

The dogs' owner, Chris Bouland, and his mom, Tina Dykes, are facing charges of harboring a vicious animal.

Bouland says if his dogs were vicious, he would have done something about it a long time ago.

"My dogs aren't vicious," says Bouland. "I have a 3-year-old niece that's my world and they lay with her all the time."

Bouland says he was at work when he got a call that his two pit bulls, Princess and Scrappy, attacked someone.

"They don't mean any harm," says Bouland. "I've taught my animals one thing: That if somebody pulls a firearm, they will take it from you."

Bouland says the whole situation has him confused as to what happened.

"It's horrible, regardless of why it happened or what was done to make that happen," says Bouland. "It's just horrible anyway you look at it. I'd just like to know, myself."

Bouland says on July 2, a family member let Princess outside. He says Scrappy was in the house.

"Scrappy came outside with my aunt when she heard the commotion," says Bouland.

When police arrived, Bouland says they took both dogs away from him.

The dogs were scheduled to go home on July 12, but as of now, the court is keeping them in kennel custody at a local animal shelter.

"I feel lost without my dogs," says Bouland. "They're my kids."

Bouland says he stops by the animal shelter nearly every day to see his dogs.

"I am very sorry that this happened, because who would want something like this to happen?" says Bouland.

Bouland says he just wants his dogs back home.

Bouland and Dykes have their arraignment hearing in Graves County on Wednesday. As of now, Bouland says he plans to plead not guilty to harboring a vicious animal.

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