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Pet food plant works to remedy odor

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Dar Pro says it has a plan to cut down on the stench that’s caused an uproar in the neighborhood surrounding its Paducah pet food plant.

Dennis Jackson organized a petition and made yard signs to draw attention to the problem. Jackson says the smell is so bad that he hasn’t even fired up his grill once this summer. A Paducah city commissioner says Jackson’s complaints are working.

The company sent a letter to the city manager with five solutions to the problem, including a plan to continue efforts to cut down on the smell.

Joe Jones has lived in the neighborhood for more than 50 years and enjoys says his morning plans to “come out on the porch, grab a cup of coffee, thank the Lord for giving me this day, and smelling the fresh air,” are interrupted by the factory across the street.

Jackson isn’t convinced the company's plans to fix the smell will work. “If they knew that all of this was going on before we complained, why do we have to complain?” he asked.

Neighbors say the smell varies at different times of the day. The smell is usually okay between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. and after 4 p.m. They say they tailor their plans around those times.

Paducah City Commissioner Allan Rhodes says he believes it’s the right of the people who live there to complain, and he thinks Dar Pro will continue to remedy the smell because “Nobody, whether it's a comic shop or a dog food plant, nobody wants to be a bad neighbor.”

Tuesday and Wednesday, the company says it is conducting a site review to find more ways to fix the smell. It also mentions in its letter to the city manager that the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection found no air quality violations for the plant.

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