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I am Local 6: Allison Rogers volunteers in Louisiana, explains how you can help

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Floodwaters in Louisiana have receded, but many people there are still cleaning up. The flooding has led to at least 13 deaths, more than 60,000 damaged homes, and tens of thousands of people unable to return home.

A local woman headed down to Louisiana last Friday to help out for the second time. She says it's easier to volunteer than you may think.

Helping others is part of Allison Rogers’ daily routine at Baptist Campus Ministries. She's in between graduation from Murray State University and starting a job as a social worker going the extra mile in her time off.

“It’s a long trip, but it's so worth it once you see just the need that the people have,” Rogers said.

Allison is heading back to Louisiana to help flood victims with the group Hope Reigns.     

“It’s just really sad to see that everything that someone has is completely gone,” Rogers said.

She and her mother, Rhonda, made the decision to go Thursday, Aug. 18, drove down that Friday, and came back on Sunday. They said it was something special to do together.

“I've never seen her work like that before, and it was really cool just to see her and work really hard,” Rogers said.

She says Hope Reigns makes it easy to help, because they house and feed volunteers.

To help, you can go to EightDaysOfHope.com, click on Hope Reigns, where you can sign up to volunteer. It doesn't cost you anything.

“They have a list of 45 homes that they were going to help, and you go to that home with the team. And you'll have people that have done this before that can teach you how to gut a home and what to do,” Rogers said.

She does it for the families, such as a mom and son rescued from the roof of their house. The group gutted their home in an afternoon.

“It's just really rewarding whenever you see and meet the families that you helped and just how thankful they are,” Rogers said.

Rogers decided to go back to Louisiana on her own again this week. She left Friday, Aug. 26, and will be there until Wednesday. 

Hope Reigns is accepting volunteers every day until at least Sept. 2. If you can’t physically go to Louisiana to volunteer, you can also help through a donation by clicking here.

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