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Interest in Paducah conventions up as riverfront hotel progress continues

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If you’ve driven through downtown Paducah recently, you may have noticed the riverfront hotel is coming up quickly. After months of construction in hot temperatures, we now know the outside of the hotel is about 92 percent finished.

Lingate Hospitality is still striving to have the hotel check-in ready by AQS QuiltWeek in April.

Most of the work is now focused on the fifth floor, involving construction of walls and a roof. After that, the focus will shift to the interior, according to Lingate Hospitality Construction Manager Chris McCarthy.

You can already see duct work throughout parts of the Another Broken Egg restaurant being built on the first floor. In the months ahead, construction crews will continue framing the interior and completing the plumbing and electricity.

Jean Haverkos and her daughter-in-law visited Paducah Wednesday from Ohio. They made a stop to the National Quilt Museum to see the art they’d both heard about for years. "We've had a wonderful trip. We'd like to make it an extra day,” Haverkos said.

Haverkos said she's had so much fun in Paducah that she thinks more people would go downtown if they had more places to stay, like the riverfront hotel. Although there's still progress being made on the fifth floor, I'm told there's already progress being made across the street at the Julian Carroll Convention Center.

Convention center Director Chuck Tate said he’s been getting many more calls and more interest in booking events. “People have heard that we are getting a hotel downtown. They want to bring their events back. They want to bring their conventions back," he said

He sees the progress of the hotel as a sign of growth, but also as a challenge to uphold the same image inside the convention space. So, Tate plans to paint walls, clean carpets, and buy new furniture to get it up to par to the new hotel.

Most of the guests at the hotel will park on the outside of the floodwall at the back of the hotel. The city of Paducah tore out a 6-foot walkway, so people can walk from their cars to the hotel. They’re currently working on the floodwall door. There will be parking available for 60 vehicles on the hotel’s site, though.

Right now, due to weather, Lingate estimates the project is 47 days behind schedule.

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