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New waste transfer station frustrates people in Paducah neighborhood

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People living in the Littleville part of Paducah are getting a new neighbor, and many of them aren't happy about it. It's a transfer station, where the city takes your trash before it's taken to a landfill.

The city used to have a contract for waste through Republic Services, Inc. Its transfer center is on Burnett and North 8th streets. That contract expired, and in January the city decided to use Freedom Waste Service. It has a landfill in Graves County, Kentucky, but now it's building the new transfer station on Bloom Avenue and State Street.

When Richard Cartwright moved to this property, it was exactly what he wanted.

"It was isolated, and I liked it," Cartwright said.

That isolation is no more. He's got a new view after a rock yard was built behind his home, and construction continues on the new waste transfer station.

"I feel absolutely helpless, and there's nothing nobody can do about it. My property has diminished. I probably can't even sell it," Cartwright said.

Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson says that area is an industrial zone, meant for this type of use. 

"I believe, quite frankly, there's less residential presence at the new location in terms of the number of homes and the distance away then what we've had for the last 22 years," Pederson said.

The city went with the new company because the price per ton of waste is lower, making it less costly. Pederson says this won't be a dump, meaning waste will be brought here and transported out daily.

"It's very unlikely they'll encounter any problems with smell or dust," Pederson said.

Cartwright still wants out.

"I've been looking," Cartwright said.

With this new neighbor, he'll keep looking.

Local 6 reached out to Freedom Waste Service, but we haven't heard back from the local representative. A contractor working on the project expects to be done with its construction in September.

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