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Judge sets trial for doctor charged with killing his wife

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There’s now a trial date in the books for the Harrisburg doctor accused of murdering his wife and destroying her body.

Brian Burns is charged with shooting his estranged wife, Carla Burns, and then burning her body in an attempt to hide it.

On Thursday, a Saline County judge agreed to a jury trial date on March 22 for Burns during a status hearing. Burns’ attorneys have requested again more time to prepare for the case. Records show they have hired a psychiatric expert for the trial who will provide a report on Burns’ mental state at the time he allegedly killed his wife. The defense is requesting more time to retain ballistics and anthropology experts for the trial.

The Saline County state’s attorney's office says it has no objection to the delays. It says once the defense hires experts for the trial, prosecutors need to then retain experts of their own. That can often be a lengthy process.

Burns will be back in court Oct. 27 for an additional status hearing for the judge to check in with attorneys on preparations for the jury trial. As scheduled, Burns will be back for his final pretrial March 2, with a jury trial beginning March 22.

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