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Facebook parsing users political preferences

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Do you know who you will vote for for president in November? Facebook is labeling you as either a Republican or Democrat. Consumer technology reporter Jamey Tucker explains how it's doing that and why. 

To find out what Facebook thinks of you, go to the Ads section in Settings. 

Randy isn't surprised that Facebook nailed him as very conservative. His co­worker Dustin wasn't surprised Facebook has him pegged as a liberal.

But what is surprising is that, if Facebook can't figure it out by looking at your Facebook activity, it will track websites you visit away from Facebook. And, it'll use a formula. 

If most liberals like something on Facebook, such as a particular movie, and you like that movie too, it'll surmise you must be liberal.
Both presidential candidates are spending millions on Facebook advertising, and they can target voters who support them or those who haven't decided.

It's interesting, too, that with this information, Facebook might already know who's going to win.

 You can turn off ad preferences on Facebook, but it won't keep you from seeing advertisements all together. 

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