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Marshall County community service project includes church members

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     Did you see these red shirts around town today? The First Baptist Church of Benton Kentucky pooled their skills, talent, and time to help in and around the community. It’s part of their in-as-much day project.

      Volunteers put together goodies for first responders and teachers, washed cars, and painted and repaired homes. Volunteers say they're small gestures, but those on the receiving end say it means more than they can say.

Circular saws and sweating out in the summer heat, volunteer says Tim Vincek says he wouldn't be doing anything else. He says, “we're looking forward to serve when we can.”

Serving by helping this woman, Martha Croley repair her home. Croley says she feels she's worked hard and served others in her lifetime, and seeing others help her, she's grateful that good will is coming back to her. She says, “I growed up being my own boss, still my own boss so the good lord's been good to me.”

Vincek says that's what today is about. He says, “picking up trash or doing construction work whatever you can use what the lord provided you when you can use that talent its meaningful.”

Whether the projects are outside or inside, brother Don Wilson says it's about helping their neighbors in the community. Wilson says his congregation does community service year round, but a day like today makes it a special focus for him and his neighbors.

He says, “We do all these things all the time we just don’t do them all at the same time all the time.”

To love and help their neighbors, whether that be in as much of a day or more.

The in as much a day project is part of a national program. Wilson says they had volunteers as young as 4 and as old as 80 today.

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