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Six things to know - 8/29/16

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Here are six things to know for today.

An all-clear at the Los Angeles International Airport. Police could not find any signs of an active shooter after reports came in late Sunday night. Now full services are running at the airport.

An arson investigation is underway at a criminal lab in Brussels. Fire investigators say they believe someone might have been purposefully trying to ruin forensics evidence.

Epipens will soon be more affordable. Epipen maker Mylan will offer a generic form of the medication. A two-pack will cost half the price, $300.

The number of deaths in Italy due to last week's earthquake now sits at 290. Crews are demolishing buildings now in disrepair. People are returning to their homes to salvage their belongings.

What does Republican candidate Donald Trump have to say about immigration policy? He says he will give his speech on the topic this Wednesday in Arizona.

Representatives from FEMA will be in Calloway County this week to evaluate flood damage to roads there.

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