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Mayfield board approves locations to sell alcohol

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Mayfield’s Zoning Board of Adjustments reviewed eight applicants Tuesday from businesses that want to sell packaged alcohol.

Five possible locations are near downtown, two are south of Mayfield and one is west of town.

Convenience is why Mike Mills is happy the store down his street, the Lucky Mart at 913 West Broadway in Mayfield, is looking to sell alcohol.

“No telling how much revenue McCracken and Fulton has been making for years, and now all the rest of our surrounding counties going wet,” Mills said.

He said he doesn’t think it will bring in the wrong crowd.   

Many of the locations would fill up empty buildings with business.The board took its time before making a motion to ensure owners would improve the outside and inside of buildings, have proper parking and keep signage limited.

The board denied one spot, 220 West Broadway, because of potential traffic issues and proximity to churches, but approved Umish Patel's other location nearby at 330 West Broadway.

Rev. Brad Morris, the pastor at First Assembly of God in Mayfield, expressed concern over the location of a future store owned by Wagner Wholesale.

“There's a residential neighborhood across the road. There's a rest home, there's an assisted living home right behind it and there are two churches,” Morris said.

He also worried about the 1505 West Broadway location being close to the interstate.         

“I don't know if people get in the car and start drinking. You know, there's a school exit down the very next exit,” Morris said.

Ultimately, Wagner's location made it to the next step along with six others. Now it's up to Frankfort which four places get a liquor license.

The seven spots can't apply for a liquor license until Sept. 14. That's when the state recognizes it’s been 60 days since the election.

The places approved are all in proper zoning areas, not residential areas. The mayor says she hasn't received any applications for possible taverns wanting to open up.

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