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Road closed in Shawnee National Forest for reptile migration

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Snake Road in Shawnee National Forest is closing on Thursday so snakes and amphibians can migrate from LaRue Swamp to limestone bluffs nearby, according to the U.S. Forest Service. 

The forest service says some of the animals that will be crossing are considered threatened and endangered. The road is also known as LaRue Road and Forest Service Road No. 345. The migration happens over the course of about two months, and the road won't be back open until Oct. 30. 

The road is closed to vehicles, but the forest service says you can still walk on it. 

For more information about the snake migration or the LaRue-Pine Hills Ecological Area, you can contact the Shawnee National Forest office in Jonesboro, Illinois at 618-833-8576.

The forest service says reptiles and Amphibians expected to be migrating across this road include: 

American toad
bird-voiced tree frog
black racer
black rat snake 
broadhead skink 
brown snake
bullfrog, green frog
cave salamander
central newt
common kingsnake 
common snapping turtle
cricket frog
diamondback water snake 
eastern box turtle
eastern garter snake
eastern hognose snake
fence lizard
five-lined skink
flathead snake
Fowler's toad
gray tree frog
green tree frog
ground skink|
lesser siren
long tail salamander
marbled salamander
midland water snake
Mississippi green water snake 
mud snake
musk turtle
painted turtle
red milksnake
red-bellied snake 
red-eared slider
ringneck snake 
rough green snake
slimy salamander
smooth earth snake 
southern leopard frog
Spotted salamander
spring peeper
timber rattlesnake
upland chorus frog
western ribbon snake 
wood frog
worm snake

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