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Marinas expect good Labor Day crowd with beautiful weather predicted

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The Labor Day weekend weather forecast looks like it will be much better than what we saw during our last holiday weekend. On July 4, record rainfall hit many counties in our viewing area, which affected local marinas.

On Fourth of July weekend cottages at Moors Resort and Marina were booked, but it was hard to get people out on the water. For Labor Day weekend, it doesn't look like that will be a problem. 

Von Puckett and her two dogs got to enjoy the breeze and sun Friday, a good start to what looks like a promising holiday weekend.

"We'll stay out on the boat nearly all weekend long, because it's going to be so pretty," Puckett said.

The last holiday weekend she spent at the Moors Resort and Marina RV campground didn't go as planned.

"It was nasty. It rained cats and dogs. It stormed, and it was bad," Puckett said.

She and her family stayed inside, and like other campers, saved money.

"You never recover that. You never get that back, it's gone. It's time that's gone that you can't get back," said Moors Resort and Marina Owner Mark Wood.

Wood says that weekend he missed out on a profit from locals and visitors who travel to the lake over the weekend and stop at his restaurant or rent boats. 

"When we have a rainy weekend and your boats don't go out, that's the biggest hit we get right there,"

This weekend the skies ahead are looking brighter with people already hitting the water and campers like Puckett putting their lake view decks to use.

"We'll grill out. We'll have big time," Puckett said. 

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says it also expects more people to be out on the water, because it's the last weekend of summer and it's not expected to be hot and humid this year. That's why it will have more patrols on the water.

Many marinas canceled Fourth of July fireworks because of the rain. Kentucky Dam Marina will have its firework show this Sunday when it gets dark. Moors Marina is having a firework show during Customer Appreciation Weekend on Saturday, Oct. 1.

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