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City: Chiz Cabz suspended because of licensing violation

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Employees of Paducah's Chiz Cabz spent much of Friday explaining to customers why they weren't operating within city limits.

"Two of our drivers got cited with no cab license, and well, it hindered the whole company," one employee told a caller.

Owner Nicole Doran says a letter sent to her this week from Paducah's city manager prevents her from doing business in town. "We can't pick them up," Doran said, referring to in-town calls.

The letter, from Jeff Pederson, said Doran's company failed to comply with required licensing. It lists two examples of employees who applied for taxi licenses and were denied because of a criminal record, but they continued to drive.

"If we would have known about it sooner, we would have terminated them right then and there," Doran said.

Doran said she has since fired the employees, but thinks the city is taking her entire company to task when she says it was an isolated issue.

"I depend on them to go somewhere just about every day," one customer told Local 6. She did not want to be identified, but she said she relies on Doran's business and has for the past 14 years. She said she can't drive and, without an assist from her daughter or Doran, she would not be able to get out.

"I have a daughter that can take me places, but it's not like I can bother her all the time," the woman said.

Doran can pick-up and drop off in the county, but she says the bulk of her business is in the city.  So, to make up for the loss in revenue, she's driving to places she normally wouldn't.

"I'm trying to be positive and think of this as God's way of branching out," she said. Her employees now travel to Mayfield and Metropolis for business.

She's hoping the city has a change of heart, because Doran said there are people who rely on her to run errands and get to and from work. The suspension runs through the month of September. Doran filed an appeal with the city, but she said she has not heard back for an update. We also tried to reach the city's attorneys, but they did not return our calls. 

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