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Police arrest Booker, manhunt ends in Union County

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Police arrested Dejun Booker on Morgan School Road Tuesday morning. Police say he had been on the run for about a day after they say he burglarized Revlon Tavern on Sunday.

Police arrested four other people on Sunday, but Booker ran away. Police say they heard a gunshot as he ran.

Neighbors living on the road now say they're glad they can let their guard down. Police say Booker was walking along the road, knocking on doors when a deputy in plain clothes saw him. Police say they're glad the search is over, and so are the neighbors living here.

Hank Lyerla and his son were one of those families. Tuesday they got a boys day with brats. Lyerla says, knowing a wanted man was in his neighborhood, he's glad he was there to protect his family. He says: “It made us feel uneasy, because I have kids around here.”

Lyerla and his children live on the street police say Booker was walking, and they live just around the corner from where Booker was arrested. He says: “It’s a good place to hide for someone on the run.”

That's why Lyerla says he made sure the doors were locked, and his teenage kids were inside last night. Lyerla says: “If a man wanted to, he could hide out here and never be found if he was smart about it.”

This was Union County Sheriff Scott Harvel's biggest concern: Families in the county. He says that's why he put as many deputies to work as possible. Harvel says: “We took it very seriously, so it was a safety issue for us as well. So, we had to be cautious trying to apprehend him as well.”

Lyerla says he's glad the search has come to an end, so they can get back to their daily routine.

Harvel said Booker did not have a handgun on him at the time of the arrest. Now they're searching the area to see if he got rid of it beforehand.

Booker is currently being held at the Jackson County Jail on a $500,000 bond. He's charged with two counts of armed violence and one count of burglary. Sheriff Harvel said he could face additional charges, but that's under investigation.

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