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5th Annual Dentistry From The Heart

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Several hygienists and dental professionals are offering their services in a show of support to communities. Filling, extractions, cleanings all dental expenses which can be rather pricey. Sullivan Dentistry is offering up free dental services Friday, September 9.
Whether it's preventative care or help easing pain, it's the one time of year some people get the chance to check in with a dentist.  "It may not be everything they need but they come and they're able to get at least something done to help them," Sara Boyd said.

As the Marketing Director, Sara says after five years running, Dentistry from the Heart is still making a difference. Many individuals and families rely on this event to receive care. "Everyone is in need. This a way we can help people. Everything is done, is donated. It doesn't matter who you are or if you have insurance. Everything is free," Boyd said.

This outreach is not just for those in Obion County. It's open to all.

Dentistry from the Heart will kick off at 7:30 Friday at Sullivan Dentistry. The address is at 1007 E. Reelfoot Avenue, Union City, Tennessee. They plan on providing services through 5:00 p.m. Friday. It is encouraged you come early. This on a first come fist serve basis.

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