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City of Murray to look into alternatives to city stickers

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If you live or work in Murray, chances are you have a purple sticker on your car. It's a sticker the city requires you to have.

For people like Murray State University student Justin York, the stickers can be a big expense.

"They were just the worst. It seemed like an added payment for everybody here," York said.

This sticker costs $50 per year. So, for a family with three drivers, it adds up to $150.

York says he had to buy the sticker on top of the $100 he spends for a permit to park on campus.

"Without both of them, you can't really park here," York said.

Murray's police chief says he's seen more than 1,000 citations since June, because the stickers are tricky to enforce. 

Mayor Jack Rose says the city will soon be looking at how other cities generate revenue to find out alternatives for the sticker. Because the city doesn't have a payroll tax, the mayor says there's a possibility that could be an option.

"I'm single income. I have two kids. My husband is a stay-at-home dad," said  Murray State associate professor Heidi Ortega.

Ortega says she'd rather pay for the sticker than see the change on her pay stub.

"It's all of a sudden this variable amount of money and an unending amount of money," Ortega said.

It's still early on in the city's conversation, so the sticker stays for now.

The mayor says he's setting up a meeting with the Kentucky League of Cities to look at what Murray is doing to generate revenue compared to other cities.

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