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Basketball app tracking users

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Fans of the Golden State Warriors NBA team are finding out the app they've downloaded to keep track of their team may be listening to them talk even when they're not using it.

The app uses 'beacon technology' that tracks a users exact location by listening to sounds through the microphone.

Users do have to give the app permission to use the mic, but the plaintiff in the lawsuit claims she didn't know it would listen and record her conversations.

The lawsuit is specifically about the Android version of the Golden State Warriors app, not the one for the iPhone.

Now for another tech story.

Police in Florida were looking for this guy, Mack Yearwood. They even had a wanted poster for violating his probation for two counts of battery.

So what does he do? He downloads his wanted poster and uses it as his Facebook profile picture. Yeah, like that's a good idea.

Yearwood made it his profile pic in March, his family knew there was nothing funny about it. One relative commented that she "wish he would take it down too. The cops use facebook now.”

Well yes, they do.

It took them a few months, but Citrus County, Florida, police got him. Not only that, but police said when they picked him up officers asked him to put on some pants, he grabbed a pair of jeans with a bag of pot in the pocket.

His Facebook profile is still online, but he hasn't posted to it in the last few weeks.

Reminder, whatever you post to Facebook publicly, can be seen by anyone, even if they're not on Facebook.

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