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Pet food company updates city on efforts to reduce odor from plant

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Dennis Jackson lives not even 100 feet from the Dar Pro plant in Paducah, and he's reminded of it every day. The smell keeps him inside.

"We would definitely like that something be done," Jackson said.

The company, which makes pet food ingredients, is working on a plan to reduce the odor. Last month, it told Paducah city leaders that bay doors would be kept closed and containers full of materials would now stay inside. Jackson said the smell is not as bad, but it's still prominent. "They made a little progress, but still at times it still gets pretty raunchy out here," he said. 

Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson said the company will start using a wet scrubber. It will be able to clean polluted air, with the goal of limiting emissions. 

"It makes sense to us that it could be effective. It's going to take a little time to install it," Pederson told Local 6.

The equipment should be up and running by the end of November. Pederson said the company is showing initiative to decrease the smell, but it won't happen overnight. "Only time will tell. I think that we all need to wait until the new equipment is in place to determine the effectiveness of it," he said. 

Jackson is still letting his feelings be known. He doesn't plan to remove his "Dar Pro Stinks" sign he put in his yard anytime soon. "Not until the stench is gone completely," he said. 

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