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What the Tech: Building your own smartphone

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If you weren't impressed with the new iPhone 7, there are other options. You could build you own phone.

It's a modular phone and it means adding whatever 'modules' you want. Could be a battery, speakers, or a projector.

Motorola's Moto Z smartphone offers clip-on accessories. Take for example a stylish back cover. Choose the one you want and it connects magnetically. 

Sensors on the mod connect to sensors on the phone.

My favorite is the projector mod. Just snapping it onto the back starts the projector that'll put anything you have on the screen onto a wall or anything else. The image is surprisingly good whether you're projecting it on a small space, or to take up an entire wall. Pair the phone with a bluetooth speaker and you've got a movie theater.

You'll need to buy the add-ons. The projector is $300, a speaker is $80, charger is $60, and a camera mod is $300.

The phone, the Moto Z Droid is $624 and is also customizable. It's the projector that's most impressive, and might be the single reason some folks choose the
Moto phone.

As cool as it is, are modular phones the future? Google was working on a modular smartphone with even more features, but the company pulled the plug on the Ara project just recently. Maybe they thought people wouldn't go for it.

Motorola and LG currently make modular smartphone but so far they haven't exactly caught on.

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