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Families working to budget higher energy bills

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Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation bills got more expensive for businesses last year. Now, the company announced homes, farms, churches, and schools will see increases on their bills in October, and people are already reworking their budgets.

Paycheck to paycheck, Kelly Gronau works to make her house a home. She says not using the dishwasher is one way she saves on her energy bill.

But Gronau says, because electricity's going to get even more expensive, it's another thing she's trying to figure in for her family of four. She says: “It is extra money I really don't have, but I will make sure I budget it in just like everything else.”

Jackson Purchase says the rate stabilization fund for your bill has run out, which mean you're going to pay an estimated $22 more.

CEO Dennis Cannon says Jackson Purchase customers have benefited from that fund for seven years. He says the utility is optimistic the fund will eventually fill back up to help offset the higher bills.

But, he says that's several years out. Cannon says: “In essence, someone else has been paying a portion of our electric bills. Well that someone else, their pocket bills are starting to run dry.”

Gronau says she's trying to keep things in perspective and live by the same lessons she tries to teach her children. She says: “If there's one thing I’ve taught my kids, it's that you have to be adaptive.”

Cannon says there are several options for people who need help adjusting to higher bills. You can contact JPEC for more information at 270-442-7321 or visit the JPEC website.

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