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Six things to know - 9/15/16

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Here are six things to know for today.

Tropical depression Julia is causing flooding problems in South Carolina. The storm is out of Georgia and now people are dealing with extensive damage to homes and property. Julia could drop anywhere from two to four inches of rain across the East coast.

Emergency crews say two people died when typhoon Meranit made landfall in mainland China. People there are cleaning up debris, broken glass, and fallen trees. Other areas are now destroyed by flooding.

Police in Ohio are investigating the officer involved shooting that killed at 13-year-old boy. Police say it happened when they were interviewing the teen as part of an armed robbery investigation.

Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail for the first time in three days. She has been at home resting, trying to get over a bout of pneumonia. Her doctor says she is doing well and is fit to serve.

Portion of Lock and Dam 52 on the Ohio River at Brookport, Illinois are back open this morning. The move follows repairs to missing wooden planks, or wickets, that prevented river traffic from operating.

Tonight the McCracken County school district is holding a public forum and work session on school uniforms. The public forum starts at 6:30 p.m. The school board will meet when the public forum ends.

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