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More traffic restrictions for Murray drivers for KY 121 restructuring

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You may have notice lane restrictions in Murray, Kentucky, for more than a year. Now, more will be added.

It's part of a project to widen Kentucky 121 for about a mile going past the Roy Stewart Stadium. One lane will be added in each directions, along with a turning lane. 

Kroger in Murray is Cheryl Sparks' favorite grocery store. She lives in Hardin, but travels to Murray throughout the week for work and shop.

"Everybody's going to have a lot of adjusting to do and add extra time to allow them to get where they're going to go," Cheryl said.

She says traffic on the drive out of the grocery store's parking lot and onto Highway 121 is already congested enough, and soon she'll have one less entrance to use.

"It's a chore anyway, but getting out alive is going to be a challenge," Cheryl said.

The highway that leads to the entrance has had restrictions since March 2015, when the KY 121 reconstructed project started.

Lane restrictions for the project start at the intersection of Highway 641/12th Street and KY 121, where the entrance JCPenney is. They go on about six blocks to the intersection at 18th Street and Coldwater Road and KY 121.  The intersection at 18th Street and the entrance to JCPenney are expected to be open in the next two weeks.

Keith Todd with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says a lot of utility work had to be done to make the project happen, not to mention the extra challenges crews faced.

"I don't think people have a good grasp of what we've been up against this summer near record rain in June, then record rain in July and August," Todd said.

Todd says the project to widen the road is still on track to finish in late October, and drivers like Cheryl couldn't be more ready for it.

"It'll be worth it. It will just add a pain in the meantime," she said.

Todd says crews planned to close this entrance on Monday, but by 6 p.m. it has not been closed yet.  Once it does close, it won't open for about two weeks. Drivers can use the Captain D's entrance over there or the Kroger entrance on this side.

In addition to other work, paving will happen on KY 121 over the next few weeks. Todd says you can expect to see paving projects across the area through mid-November.

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