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Paducah police want to thank person who donated flag

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Paducah police now are looking for two men in connection a flag outside headquarters. The first is a man who police say stole several flags in the area. Investigators continue to ask for information to identify him, but police want to contact the second man for a different reason.

There are two mysteries surrounding the flag. A Good Samaritan who hasn't been identified replaced a flag that was stolen. Police say they know he won't want anything in return, but they want to at least offer a handshake.

Soon after someone snatched the flag from its pole, another person made sure to replace it with respect.

Paducah Police Capt. Joe Hayes says they don't know who either man is. A veteran himself, Hayes says the donated flag means a lot to him and many others in the department. Hayes says that, personally, he just wants to thank him. He says: “He just did it because it’s the right thing to do, and that’s kind of rare so we appreciate it.”

Hayes says he walks by the front of the building all the time, but now he plans to look up and check to make sure the flag's still waving. He says: “To me it's symbolic of what they've given for all of us, all the lives that are lost.”

Paducah police ordered flags when the first one was stolen. Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill says if the man who donated a flag comes forward, they want to thank him by giving them one of theirs.

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