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Health inspector makes sure BBQ is safe to feed your family

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The tables are set, canopies are up and the food is ready. But before the party at Barbeque on the River can start, Joel Barrett has to make his rounds.

Barrett is an environmental supervisor at the Purchase District Health Department. He's responsible for inspecting more than 70 food vendors at this year's Barbeque on the River, and nothing gets by him. He's picky, and I noticed some vendors didn't appreciate the constructive criticism.

"If they don't like it, I'm sorry, they have to comply," says Barrett.

Barrett says he's just looking out for your family.

At the West Kentucky Moonswiners' booth, Devin Rudd helps her dad keep the place clean.

"I think it's very important that the health inspector is so strict on everything," says Rudd.

John Ford, head cook for J-Mack BBQ, says a visit from the health inspector is a good thing.

"Can you imagine if one or two people got sick down here eating, it would ruin the whole event," says Ford.

Barrett says in the eight years he's inspected Barbeque on the River, he's never seen a major problem.

About a dozen booths were inspected on Wednesday. Barrett says he'll be back Thursday morning to finish the rest.

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