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Kentucky Supreme Court says Gov. Bevin cannot cut university budgets

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

Kentucky's highest court says the state's Republican governor cannot cut the budgets of public colleges and universities without the approval of the state legislature.
The 5-2 ruling by the state Supreme Court reverses a lower court ruling that said Gov. Matt Bevin had the authority to order public colleges and universities not to spend all of the money the state legislature gave them. Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear appealed, arguing Bevin's order was illegal. A majority of the court agreed on Thursday, saying Bevin does not have that authority.
The ruling is a victory for Beshear, who has sued Bevin three times so far questioning the extent of the governor's power. In a statement released by Beshear after the ruling was made, Beshear asked Bevin to, "immediately release the $18 million he wrongfully withheld from our public colleges and universities."

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