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Padcaster allows film makers to shoot with an iPad camera

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Filmmaker Mike Tarrolly typically shoots with a professional video camera. He's an associate director of a new feature film "Saving Banksy," a documentary about the world-renowned artist who's paintings appear overnight around the world.

And while Tarrolly is a professional, he's impressed with video shot on an iPad.

If there's a drawback to shooting gorgeous video on an iPad, it's trying to hold it.

That's where the Padcaster 2 comes in.

It's an iPad camera rig. Snap the iPad inside the metal frame, and it can be attached to a tripod. A ring holds professional lenses. Macro for extreme close ups, and a wide angle. "Adding a wide angle lens makes it look more majestic, more cinematic," Tarrolly says. 

And with the features in the high quality iPad camera, anyone can get video like this.

Also on the rig are 13 additional spaces for other attachments. Adding a microphone and a light really gives you all the tools to turn an iPad into a professional film making kit.

The Padcaster 2 was featured in an apple commercial and has been used to make actual feature films. It is one of my favorite gadgets of 2016.

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