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Local professional clown worried about going out in public in costume

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When it comes to clowning around, Kris Denson likes to scare people.

"It feels great to be able to change into a full, completely different character," says Denson.

Denson is known as Freckles Da Clown at Talon Falls Screampark in Melber, Kentucky, where people go to get scared.

Denson says he used to leave work in full costume, but he won't be doing that this year.

"People are way too freaked out right now, and I don't want to keep that stereotype going," says Denson.

Halloween is still a month away but Linda Summers, who works at Halloween Express in Paducah, says they've already had to restock the scary clown costumes.

"Oh, most definitely, it has to do with the sightings and stuff like that," says Summers.

Summers says someone actually came in wanting to dress like the clowns making headlines.

It all began with a sighting in South Carolina where police received complaints of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods.

Last week, officers arrested a Middlesboro, Kentucky man for trying to scare people while wearing a clown costume.

The most recent sighting happened on Tuesday where police locked down a school in Dyersburg, Tennessee on reports of a clown in the woods.

Now, police in several states, including Kentucky and Tennessee, are warning people to stay away from dressing like a clown in public places.

Denson says those scares are bringing in more job offers, but for all the wrong reasons.

"I've had people message me on Facebook wanting me to stalk their kid, but I'm not comfortable doing that," says Denson.

If kids want to be scared by Freckles Da Clown, Denson says they can come see him at work.

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